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Experience & Quality

We have been installing HC equipment for a long time.  It is our belief that a quality installation used in combination with with state of the art equipment and a comprehensive maintenance program is the best way to achieve maximum success with your heating and cooling system.

Free Consultation

We will identify the best solution for your home with a free, in-home consultation and use the best equipment we have available to fit your needs. Whether it is a retrofit or new construction, we are mindful of your budget and will work responsibly within the concept of the cost/benefit analysis.


Our 24 hours service technicians are only a phone call away for any major issues with your system. We all know that it’s how you handle yourself when there’s an emergency that makes you who you are. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us when in need.

Fully Certified Personnel

Our technicians are fully certified and extremely friendly (they have to be!). We have developed long-standing and mutually enjoyable relationships with top quality sub-trades. We work well together. Therien Heating and Cooling is a certified Keep Right and Rheem product dealer. We service all makes of equipment. At Therien Heating and Cooling we want you to have the best possible experience with this very important project for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are based on customer needs. We don’t rush our home visits; we ask lots of questions to be sure we have the whole picture; and we listen intently to your answers. Then we review our notes and confer with our technicians. We don’t provide cookie-cutter recommendations – what’s good for your neighbor may not be the best solution for you.

Why is it important to have regular maintenance
You wouldn’t buy a brand-new car and expect to never have to put air in the tires, change the oil and check out any unusual noises, would you? In the same way that an automobile requires periodic maintenance for optimal performance, a home comfort system should be regularly inspected by a qualified technician.
What is a variable-speed furnace?
A variable speed furnace is a furnace that has an ECM (electronically commuted motor) blower motor. This type of motor allows for infinite motor speeds. The motor will adjusts its own speed in order to maintain a predetermined set speed (which is done by the technician during the installation set up procedures). The benefits of this type of motor over a fixed speed a/c motor are, operating cost (approx. 1/5th that of an a/c motor) and continuous and constant air volume. Continuous air volume allows the home to be more comfortable at all times.
Should outdoor units be covered in winter?
It is not recommended. Air conditioners can be accidentally turned on by someone in your home without them knowing that the outdoor unit has been covered, whereby creating potential damage to your condenser and its internal components. The outdoor condenser is built to withstand the environment and should not be covered.

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